--> Course III Ed. Molecular biology and pathology intensivas

III Ed. Molecular biology and pathology intensivas

Welcome to the 3rd online edition of the course of intensive molecular biology and pathology!

During the last five years, Pathology has definitely entered the era of molecular diagnosis where it has a fundamental role and where it is a link between the laboratory and the clinical disciplines.

The changes that are taking place are being very fast and often dramatic, from both a technical and conceptual point of view: the diagnosis of pathologies is no longer understood only from a morphological point of view if it is not accompanied by one each increasingly complex prognostic and predictive molecular information.

Unfortunately, and despite the past years, the young specialists of this and other specialties have limited access and insufficient knowledge of molecular technology, already essential to practice their profession.

Thus, we have deepened the knowledge of cancer genomics and carcinogenesis, in the molecular management of solid tumors such as lung and colon cancer, introducing a review of the knowledge of the immune response. It is our desire that this course be useful both to pathologists and other specialists to adapt to the new challenges of Medicine and that this translates into benefit for patients.

All the contents offered in the X course face-to-face are organized here by themes, corresponding to the presentations of each of the doctors. Within each unit, apart from the conference, which can be displayed in High Definition, they have a handout (pdf) that expands information and a self-assessment with test questions. In some cases, there are also links to go deeper into the subject.

We hope it helps you in your daily practice.


Enrollment teaching periods:

1st class period: from 1/4/2021 to 6/27/2021
2nd class period: from 7/1/2021 to 9/26/2021
3rd class period: from 10/1/2021 to 12/26/2021
4th class period: from 10/1/2022 to 27/3/2022
5th class period: from 1/4/2022 to 26/6/2022

Block 1: Basic concepts of molecular biology

1. Molecules in cell biology: DNA, RNA and proteins
Dra. Ana Muñoz (Molecular Biologist, Pathological Anatomy Service, Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital)

2. Small RNA Species
Dr. Mark E. Sobel (Senior executive director, ASIP - American Society for Investigative Pathology)

3. Genetic alterations: mutations, amplifications, deletions, translocations ...
Dra. Itziar Salaverria (Oncology and Hematology Unit, Biomedical Researcher at August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) Hospital Clínic)

4. Cancer cell biology: carcinogenesis
Dr. Oriol Bachs (Department of Biomedicine, Professor at the UB, University of Barcelona)

5. Cancer genomics
Dr. Mark E. Sobel (Senior executive director, ASIP - American Society for Investigative Pathology)

6. Epigenetics of Cancer
Dra. Verónica Dávalos (Scientific Researcher, Bellvitge Research Institute (IDIBELL)

Block 2: Techniques in molecular biology and pathology

7. Basic techniques of nucleic acid analysis: extraction of DNA, RNA, restriction, electrophoresis, classical sequencing
Dra. Anna Enjuanes (Doctor in Biology, responsible for the Ultrasequencing service of the Genomics platform, Functional at IDIBAPS)

8. PCR-based techniques and their utility
Dra. Dolors Colomer Pujol (Doctor in Biochemistry, Head of Section of the Center for Biomedical Diagnosis, CDB, Hospital Clínic)

9. High-throughput molecular analysis technologies (microarrays, NGS) and their clinical applications
Dr. Pedro Jares (Doctor in Biology, Head of the Pathological Anatomy Operational Area, Director of the Genomics Unit at IDIBAPS, Hospital Clínic)

10. Proteiomics.
Dr. Josep M Estanyol (Biòleg, head of the Proteomics Unit at IDIBAPS Supervisor d'Unitat SCT-UB) at CDB, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona)

11. Cell cultures
Dra. Eva Martínez Balibrea (Scientific Researcher, Germans Trias y Pujol Hospital Research Institute)

12. Flow cytometry
Dr. Neus Villamor (Doctor of Medicine, specialist in Hematology, Head of Flow Cytometry Unit, Researcher at the Center for Biomedical Diagnosis)

13. In situ hybridization (FISH, CISH, SISH)
Dra. Anna Muñoz (Molecular Biologist, Pathological Anatomy Service, Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital)

14. Immunohistochemistry: Past, Present and Future
Dr. José Luís Mate Sanz (Head of the Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Pathology Section, Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital)

Block 3: Molecular pathology applied to the clinic and future prospects

15. Hematological neoplasms
Dr. Gustavo Tapia (Specialist in Pathology, Professor at the UAB, Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital)

16. Molecular Pathology. Solid tumors I: Sarcomas and melomas
Dr. Enrique de Álava (Director, UGC of Pathological Anatomy, Virgen del Rocío Hospital, Seville)

17. Molecular Pathology. Solid tumors II: Colon and stomach
Dra. Miriam Cuatrecasas (Specialist in Pathology, expert in digestive and molecular pathology, CDB, Hospital Clínic)

18. Molecular Pathology. Solid tumors III: Lung immune response
Dr. Javier Gómez Román (Pathological Anatomy Service, Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla, Santander)

19. Digital pathology
Dra. Laura Pons (Associate Specialist, Pathological Anatomy Service, Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital)

20. Molecular pathology and pathological anatomy
Dr. Pedro Luis Fernández (Head of Service, Pathological Anatomy, Professor at the UAB, Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital)

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Dr. Pedro L. Fernández

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