Digital marketing and its tools

Welcome to the online course of Digital Marketing and its tools!

Would you like to improve the results of your Pharmacy? Do you know the keys to optimize the results of your marketing actions in the digital world? 

Launching publications or creating profiles on social networks without having first made a digital marketing plan and knowing the different tools available, is one of the most common and serious mistakes we can fall into when promoting our pharmacy. In this program we provide you with the keys to easily create a successful Digital Marketing plan, choose and use the most appropriate tools to promote your pharmacy, differentiate yourself from the competition and attract and retain customers effectively. 

An enjoyable, practical and dynamic course, totally adapted to the reality of your Point of Sale - Pharmacy and which will boost the growth and loyalty levels of your client portfolio.

1. Create your digital marketing plan

1.1. What is marketing? What is a differentiation strategy?
1.2. The marketing plan
1.3. Making a digital marketing plan

2. Social networks: make Facebook and Instagram your best sales ally

2.1. Facebook or Instagram: Which is better for your digital marketing strategy?
2.2. Instagram for Pharmacies
2.3. Facebook for pharmacies
2.4. Examples of high impact free actions
2.5. The importance of measuring: what and how to measure

3. Does your client find you? Learn how to use Google my business and Google Ads

3.1.What is google my business and how does it work?
3.2. Google my business step by step
3.3. How to highlight my pharmacy using Google my business
3.4. Google Ads

4. Communicate successfully with your customers. Direct messaging with SMS, email and WhatsApp Business

4.1. Why and how to communicate with your customers?
4.2. Email marketing
4.3. WhatsApp Business

5. Web Creation and Online Commerce

5.1. Create your website quickly and free of charge
5.2. Create your online store
5.3. Web analytics. Goolge Analytics

Teaching Hours
380 €